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In recent days in the United States and Canada, anti-racist manifestations have been taking place.

George Floyd is a 46-year-old African-American living in Minneapolis.

He is suspected of having used a counterfeit twenty dollars bill in a supermarket. Upon receiving the 911 call, the police officer asked three times "What race? ". When the four police officers arrived on the scene, George Floyd was in his car.

He was handcuffed and driven without resistance to the police car.

Floyd fell to the ground and found himself with officer Derek Chauvin's knee on his neck.

For several minutes, George Floyd and many passers-by who were filming the scene begged the policeman to remove his knee from the George Floyd’s neck, who could not breathe.

Seeing the police officers' non-response to George Floyd's "I can't beathe", the passers-by get angry at the police officers who reply, "He's talking, he's fine".

George Floyd is now immobile, but Derek Chauvin still has his knee on his neck. Passers-by ask the police to take his pulse, which they won't do.

They will wait for help, for two minutes and fifty-three seconds, Derek Chauvin will still have his knee on George Floyd's neck.

The police were equipped with cameras, the police refuse to release the images from these cameras. Two of the four police officers present that night, Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao, had already been charged with excessive use of force.

As a result of this case, we have changed our graphic charter to show our support for the anti-racism movement.

We are living in a historical moment; we must take advantage of it to really get things moving so that we stop calling people by their ethnicity.

The human being is one and only race whatever its color, its origin, its religion, its wealth etc...

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