In face of recent events generated by COVID-19, the development of Popcorn Party is slowed down.

As a result, it is difficult for us to set a precise release date. You can imagine that developing a game with a team of only 2 people is quite complicated.

But don't worry, the project is progressing and will come. The servers are up and running, the content is complete and will be integrated into the game soon. A graphical redesign of the game is also planned. We don't want to release a game we don't like. We prefer to take more time on development in order to release a quality game.

Moreover, we are pleased to announce that our team will be expanding from the end of May. We will have a considerable reinforcement for the quality and development time of Popcorn Party.

We would liked to release the game in order to animate your confinement, but a little more patience is needed. It's better to wait until the health situation improves in order to enjoy the full gameplay.

Don't hesitate to follow us on social networks so as not to lose a crumb of the project. We are not very active for the moment, but we will be more active when it is ready to be released 😉.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and stay home 🏠.

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