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Popcorn Party is an accessible and fun multiplayer game that can be played from 3 to 8 players.

The idea is simple, you must be funny! To do this, offer your best answers through 3 different game modes. All players vote for their favourite proposition, the one who receives the most votes, wins the round.

Whether you're a Sunday comedian or a world-renowned actor, bring a bucket of popcorns, your smartphone or tablet and enjoy several hours of hilarious content.

And why not have a family humor contest? Also enjoy playing with your children with the Family Mode, which removes inappropriate content. Thus, Sundays and other rainy days will turn into happy days!

You want to play Popcorn Party but your friends live on the other side of the world? No problem, No problem, you can join a game with your friends and you can play with them, even if they are not in your living room. So, take out the popcorn and let's go again!

Popcorn Party offers 3 game modes:

-          Coffee, Croissant, News: Like a talented image reporter, find a humorous title to illustrate a funny picture.

-         Lights, Camera, Action!: Have you always dreamed of being a film director? Popcorn Party will allow you to make this dream come true! The subtitle of a movie is missing, it's up to you to replace it!

-         Once Upon a Time: Part of the sentence is missing, wake up the Victor Hugo inside you and write the answer that best suits you (or not!).

You don't feel like a writer's soul but you are unbeatable on Tarantino's dialogues? You can also configure your game with only your favorite game mode.

Don't find your style of humor among our range of content? Send us your royalty-free content, if it makes us laugh, find it in a future update.

You think you don't stand a chance because you're not funny? You think this game is not for you? Don't panic, get the free demo version for up to 4 players, with 12 contents of each mini-game and discover yourself an unsuspected comic personality!

In addition to the demo version, Popcorn Party is available in two versions:

- A Phone Version which offers 50 contents of each mini-game.

- A PC Version where you will find more than 100 contents of each mini-game.

And above all, have fun like popcorn in a pot! 😉

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